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I'm a PC repair teacher at a high school. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that a student brought in for repair. I can't figure out the problem. I power the computer up, you hear the hard drive spin, and then nothing. I've tried to boot into safe mode. I've reset the BIOS. I tried to insert a Bootable CD and still nothing. If anyone has any solutions I would appreciate your response. There may be a problem though. Once our school system sees this site they will block it. So if you could respond to heilb@qacps.k12.md.us I would be most grateful.


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If you are a teacher then you should at least know the procedures to get a site unblocked. Especially a site that is in no way illicit. Speak with your network administrator preferably the superintendent as well. There is absolutely no reason to block this site, especially in a learning environment.

Anyway, does it POST? If so, are there any POST codes or beep codes? Once again, if so, which chipset are you using?

No POST, no anything. I pulled the HD and reseated it, pulled the keyboard to check for any loose wiring. The boy said he had dropped it and it didn't work after that. No beeps, all it does is power on.

As for the Network Administrator....yeah we need one that knows what they are doing. I have more networking capabilities in my classroom than our entire school district. It's really pretty sad, to say the least. My students could benefit from these forum sites. Everytime I create a proxy, or find one, I get blocked. It's a real Pain!!!!!

Yeah, I have a memory checker with SoDimm capabilities. Memory is fine. As I said it does nothing. I've checked the memory seating, wiring, HD seating, I threw in a bootable CD, pulled the CMOS batt. nothing works. You push the p[ower button and you hear either the CPU fan or the HD spinning for about 6 seconds and that's it. I'm sort of at a loss on this one. Everything I know to try has failed.

Well you said he dropped it so there might have been some damage to the motherboard, how extensive is the case damage?

No damage to the case whatsoever. A few scratches on the backside of the display cover but other than that no physical damage. My thought also was the motherboard but I figured I would at least get some beeps. Once powered on the light stays lit so I have power through the board, not that it means anything but there is power...

Hmmm, if the markings are on the display cover it might have damaged a component of the screen, however I have very limited experience in repairing LCD screens short of replacement.

The scratches on the cover look like normal wear and tear, nothing out of the ordinary. It just baffles me.... Quite frankly I hate working on notebooks, I have fat fingers. Seriously though, there is just nothing. I would be happy with a beep, loose wire, loose connection, anything but nothing. There is a pretty blue light on the power button though:)(:

Well Folks,

I'm out for the day and not in tomorrow. I'll check back on Wed. to see if anyone can help me with this challenge!!!!!!!


Was anyone able to brainstorm and come up with a possible solution? I know I couldn't... I like challenges even when they are tough, I hate being lost though!!!!!!

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