Would like to install xp on latitude c400 but cannot change the boot order. Up and down work, enable and disable work, there is no primary password, no admin password, no hdd password. Setup is accessed with FN-F1 and appears normal. The boot order will not respond. There is external DVD-CD which would be sweet but the boot order is FDD, HDD, CDD. It boots into HDD and won't look for any other. How does one xp?

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So you can get into setup where you change the boot order? Have you tried the +/- keys on the keypad to change the order of the devices or has it just not let you even get into the boot order menu?

Good afternoon, I will cut to the chase. With a full battery and plugged in, press "on" button, then press "esc" several times, plug in usb keyboard, when the bios is available select a boot order. That is the core of it, really. This will not work if we plug in the USB keyboard first and then press "on".

From there, it was predictable. Loaded XP (no prob) and SP2 (no prob).

I did not figure out the why of it all, but I carry a usb keyboard now 24/7.

Thank you for helping, Loyd.

Hit F12?

On my dimension desktop i can hit F12 to choose a one-off boot device

Some things should be printed on the edges or bottom, emergency stuff.

Thank you. I am sure to cross that difficulty again. In my prior, I should have stated Fn F1 and not Esc, sorry about that. Too many machines.

Is there a page of "tricks to access" anywhere in Daniweb?


I have the same problem with C400. I've tried to use external USB-CDROM, but no success. Could you explain about that trick with USB keyboard? Is that some kind of cheating the BIOS and it boots from USB-CDROM while normally it is not possible?



yo tambien tengo este problema tengo una dell latitud c400 y una unidad de
dvd-cd rom externa x favor yo quiero areglarla.
si alguien puede me puede dejar un msj a my correo elec.

how to install windows xp using through pendrive

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