Hi all. When i switch my pc on things will loads up for about 5seconds then it all shuts down. No image appears on the monitor.

I believe the problem to be RAM (i have 128mbs SDRAM) because when i take out the RAM it all works. However there is a continuous beep and no image still appears on the monitor.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time :)

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Hmm, when was it last working, and what were you doing with it last?

Tell us about your machine, what CPU? OS?

You get no video whatsoever? You can't see the power on self test when you have the memory out? If not, I'd be less sure about it being bad memory.

First thing I'd be trying is reseating the video card, and any other add on cards you have in the machine. (Remove them from their slots, and then reseat them firmly).

Good luck! :)

Thanks for your input. I have a 1.4ghz amd athlon xp. 384mbs SDRAM running windows XP (of course im not on that one atm)

It was running fine one day. i came 2 it, switched it on and got a blue screen of death. did some research and took out a 256mb RAM stick. it starting working fine again. a few days later i thought 'what the hell' and i put the other stick back in 2 see if it would work but now im having all sorts of trouble.

with either the 128 stick or the 256 stick when i first switch on the pc. it boots for about 3-5 seconds (all the lights work, and the disk and fans work) then it shuts off. while this goes on i cannot see anything at all on the monitor.

when i take out the RAM and switch it on it starts up, but there is a intermitant bleeping sound (im assuming this is there because i have no memory) so in my personal conclusion it seems 2 be memory.

i have tried reseating the graphics card and removed all other cards but when the memory is in it does this 3-5second shutdown. Im really sorry with the long write up but im desperate.

Thanks again :)

If that's an IBM system or motherboard then the continous beep means:

No power
Loose card or...

If it's an Award BIOS, then it could mean a RAM problem, as you suspect.

Alternatively, it could simply be an alarm related to a processor fan not functioning. (Remove the RAM, the system doesn't start, the alarm doesn't sound).

Reset CMOS, check that the processor fan is actually working when the RAM is installed.

Check the RAM slot for any signs of dust, lint or corrosion which would cause a poor connection, and clean it if necessary.

Have you ever removed or fitted internal components by shutting down Windows and opening the case, without disconnecting the power cord or switching off at the wall outlet? There is power in your motherboard even after Windows shuts down, and if you've changed components with power still present you may have caused damage.

Or you may simply be unlucky enough to have had both RAM modules fail.

If I'm understanding correctly then, you cannot get any video on your screen at all, at any time, with or without memory in the machine?

You could be right about it being a bad memory module, but most machines I've owned, built, or worked on would give you video, you could see the POST screen on the monitor, and you'd see it fail. Which makes me think it could be your motherboard.

Now, a bad or misseated video card would give all the errors you seem to be having, I've experienced the problems myself in the past with some older ill fitting PCI cards, which occasionally would make me open the machine to reseat my vid card.

Sorry if none of this is helping much, but your problem is the tough kind to troubleshoot if you aren't right there, as well as if you aren't loaded with a shop full of spare parts to exchange around to test ideas out. ^^;

I completely understand that it is difficult to supply help when you cant actually see the pc yourself, and i can only thank you for trying to help. Im going to try the things that you and catweasle have suggested and ill get back 2 you. im also going to try different RAM on the basis that as coincidence or 'My PC luck' they have both been dodgy!

Thanks again

Ok an update - I tried some DDR RAM in there but it still does the shutdown thing. Perhaps you are right, it is the motherboard. Im off 2 work now but as soon as im back ill try put in another motherboard and see what times. In the meantime if any1 wants to try recommend some other things please feel free.

I think you're moving along nicely then, and I hope you solve the problem without much further effort. :)

That said, one thing I must ask, you said you put in some DDR ram? The motherboard in that machine supports DDR ram as well as the SDRAM you had in it? Just have to ask, since those are two different specs for memory, and many motherboards only support one, or the other.

Good luck!

My motherboard lets me have either SDRAM or DDR. i know that you cant have both. Either way the DDR Ram didnt work. I have replaced the motherboard and guess what! It works, althought its not as easy as that, sorry! lol

It boots fine, until it comes to Veryifying DMI Pool data or summit, then i get a message says 'A Disk read error has occured, press Control Alt and Delete to restart'

This doesnt bother me as i want to format the drive anyway so all i need to do is get my floppy disk 2 work. I have recently posted another thread that explains this problem. I will find the link and paste it below...

See the post here

As you can tell im not very lucky with computers and therefore i really appreciate your help and your patience with me :D

There are a number of reasons your PC might not boot (Viruses, Missing/Corrupt Files, Bad Sectors/Damaged Hard Drive etc) but what I would do 1st of all is check if your PC will boot from a Bootable CD (the PC does not boot from Hard Drive - just from the CD! and you can run programs from the CD to change passwords, scan for viruses, check and fix the hard drive, recover files etc).
You may then be able to fix the problem or at least determine if it is a hardware or software fault (if it boots from CD it must be Windows or the Hard Drive that is corrupt, if it wont boot from a bootable CD its probably another hardware fault. i.e. Motherboard / Memory)
You can get a Bootable PC Repair CD or a Bootable Bart Disk at www.discmaster.info
click here: http://www.discmaster.info/UK/tools.htm
Hope this helps!

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