I Built my new computer a Giga-byte 939 with a amd 3500+ so i hook all teh wires up and then go to boot , I get Long Continous beeps So i looked in the manual and it said Dram Error , SO i Powered off , Never unpluded or flipped the atx switch on the back of the psu. I reseated the ram then powered on Quick flash of power, Then off. So i reseated again. Then unplugged the Power cord from the back and pluged in back in When i did The DPS light lit and then went off very fast. So i powered on nothing. No fans no HDD"S Nothing. So i unpluged again same thing , still nothing. Then i Checked all the Wires , Stand off's Then unplugged and re plugged the Power cord back in this time no flash , So I hit the power button Nothing. Nothing will happen , I reseated the ram again

I got another psu with a 12 volt line , When i press the power button , It makes the ram led come on and that it.
I think that the Mobo is dead. What do you guys think ?


If you reseated internal components with power still running to the motherboard, then i'm afraid you did a VERY BAD THING !

Oh dear!

Have you tried the system with a different RAM module? If you're lucky, it might just be the RAM you blew. Otherwise, yes, I'd suspect the motherboard itself is damaged.

i was going to get that same setup until i decided on an asus mobo instead of a giga. what do you mean by reseating the mobo abyway so when my parts come in august i dont blow something up?

Shadowfactor was referring to his RAM, and he means that he has removed and then reinserted the RAM module to ebsure that it was firmly 'seated' in the slot.

Unfortunately, he has neglected to switch the power off at the wall outlet and/or remove the power cord. That has meant that power is still running through the motherboard (Yes! It's still got power after you tell Windows to 'Shut Down'!) and he had most likely 'zapped' and damaged components.

Noi the ram light was off , I'm ganna try a Differnt ram stick today , It's pc-2100 but hey if it boots RMA goes the ram

The ram is Good. I tested it in another pc

i used to own a gigabyte motherboard and in opinion gigabyte suck the don't follow the spec's of the processor they like to over volt

I rma'ed it a while back , It was the mobo , My ram was fine , It killed 2 psu's though