I have a 19" Compaq MV940 CRT monitor with a display problem. The overall screen has white lines (not just a single ghost reflection, but continuous white lines) that extend from each and every line of text and most images all the way to the right of the screen. The text and images are still legible and usable ....but it is pretty distracting. I tried many many options with my NVIDIA settings......but the white images remain no matter what I do. I plugged this CRT into my laptop to see if this might be a problem w/ my video card in my desktop.....but when I plugged the CRT into my laptop, the CRT still displayed this problem......so the problem is with the monitor...or perhaps the cable. I would try to replace the cable except it plugs into the monitor INSIDE the monitor....there is no external plug so that I can replace the cable myself. I am out of ideas.

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions. I would rather not throw cash at an LCD monitor.....but if this problem does not have an easy answer, I'll do that in a heartbeat. Thanks!

It sounds like an internal problem in the monitor. I don't recomend going into the CRT case, as it can really give you a whollop of a shock and hurt real bad. Right now, CRT's are free on the net, and used LCD's are pretty cheap. Locall here a 19" with cosmetic blemishes but perfectly operating, is about $65