I'll try to keep this brief...

A month or so back, my Compaq M700 started shutting down after running for a little bit. Researching online, I gathered that it was a cooling problem. The troubleshooting/repair suggestions that I was reading were a bit intimidating and I did nothing for a couple of days. My GF left the battery out one day when re-booting it and we found that with the battery removed, and it running soley on "wall electricity" the shutdown problem went away. That wasn't a concern as we don't really use it "on the run".

Well, now it won't start up using any combination of power sources. The battery light (amber, I think) and the light next to it (green, I think - sleep mode indicator?) on the front of the machine flash rapidly. Opening it up, the Cap Lock, Num Lock and a down arrow indicator lights (all green) stay lit.

Any thoughts?


reset cmos by taking out your memory stick power it on, power off the machine, put back your memory stick then on it again check if it will help..