Ok, I'm not the most technically inclined person but know a little about trouble shooting.

Here's my problem. My computer doesn't boot.

Here's what led to this problem. One of the cooling/exhaust fans, not on the motherboard itself but screwed into the side of the case, was making a LOT of noise. Being the intrepid person I am I tried to fix it. I didn't do that much but hit it a couple times with canned air. I tried to see if I could disassemble it and see if there was anything mucking up the works but didn't go too far (I thought) with that.

While I was in the chassis I used the can air (in short bursts) to get some dust that had settled there over the year. I then put the fan back on the case closed it up and turned it on.

It looked like all systems were go, but it hangs after it says "Verifying DMI Pool Data." I tried to reboot in safe mode but it hangs as soon as I hit the enter key.

It's a a PC, WIndows XP, built for me by ABS computers, approx 3 years old.

I tried rebooting 5 times with no luck, and while I was writing this tried for a 6th and it booted cleanly, the one fan still sounding labored and slowed. I'm backing up all my pix and such, but still would like some input as to what the problem is, how to adress it, and possibly where to go for help.

THanks in advance.

i have seem so many people used can air wreak havoc on there pc it's not funny. did any of the liquid spray out while you were using the can? as for the error you are having it would seem like there was an update to the bios that the pc is not recognizing, did u change any thing in the bios?

Didn't change a thing in the Bios...