I'd like to replace my current 17" CRT screen with a nice 19" TFT screen. I'm going to use it for both gaming and for office applications. What screen would you reccomend? I'm looking for a screen with a maximum price of around 300 euros (about 440$).

I thought the LG L1953TR 19" TFT would be a nice screen.

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Well for a pricetag of ~ $440 you could get rather a lot!

You could even get a 22" LG L226WTX-BF for about $370 on Amazon.com; and that's a pretty nice monitor.

If you do really want a 19" then the LG you've suggested would probably be good (I've had LG's before and they are great) or you could try a widescreen. A widescreen gives you more space to play with in office etc and also gives you a better view in games (wider vision).
If that was the case then maybe a screen like the Acer P193W or X193 or similar would be suitable. Those are only about $200 although have pretty positive reviews.

Depends what you're looking for, although I would suggest going widescreen as pretty much everything is widescreen now :)

Well thanks for your advice. I'm not going for a widescreen because not that many games support it. I've got my eyes on the Samsung 931C now. I think that screen is rather good.

I don't know too much about Samsung Monitor, but I have some good experience on Acer. Recently i just got my new Acer AL1916WAbd TFT LCD monitor , I am so greatly pleased and impressed. This is a fantastic monitor. The color quality is amazing, it's lightweight and works perfectly. It provide a vast color range for graphic editing, as well as good response time for gaming. I think you can have a try.

All games produced after 2006 tend to have widescreen support; but I know what you mean. Games like BF2 are not widescreen etc.

Also with a normal 1280x1024 screen you still have a good resolution and I see you've gone for a glossy monitor - which do tend to have much sharper colours and images. (My Vaio has a 13.3" gloss screen that reproduces images perfectly whereas my 24" Dell doesn't display them quite as vividly!).

Good luck on whatever you purchase, your new choice looks to be a good one too. :)

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