If any one could tell me why my monitor turns off when I launch a computer game, it would be most appreciated. I have a MacMini and I have tried dumping files, launching games from the applications folder and running the game while the monitor is down to see if it will reactivate. The strange thing is that I can hear the game running on my speakers and the keyboard is responsive... just can't see anything.


Sounds to me like screen resolution is wrong. I suggest you check what resolution game requires and then try changing screen to that resolution manually. Then try game.


Agreed, it sounds like the game is trying to use an unsupported screen resolution, in which case the monitor would go blank or switch off. You should probably check the manual of both your monitor and your game to find out whether your monitor meets the minimum screen resolution requirements of the game.

I will answer that question with a question was the game or let me paraphrase it., did the game that you are trying-to run did run at one time or another after you installed it?.,or was this a newly installed game and if its., did you have the hardware requirements fully complied with as with all the settings? the answer to this questions will remedy your problems. specially the resolution settings and that will explain why you can't see the game your playing. Good Day!