i had a gigabyte mainboard : GA 965P S3. After installing windows, i updated my BIOS to the latest version using Q-Flash (update using floppy disk). After the computer restart, it wont boot again, the screen stays black, nothing happens. So is my mainboard dead? how can i fix it, do i need to get a new mainboard. Thanks

Your floppy is still operational. You'll need to flash again. There are two revisions of your motherboard. use either rev. 1.0 or rev. 3.3 BIOS, depending on your model.

thanks. so my floppy is still functional, how can i get it to work? everytime i turn on the comp, the screen stays black, i cant see anything. so how can i flash my BIOS again. i update my GA 965P S3 using rev. 3.3.

Just download the BIOS I posted (rev. 3.3), format one floppy (select create MS-DOS startup disk), delete all files except COMMAND.COM, IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS from that floppy after it is formatted and unpack the .exe you downloaded on it. Take that floppy and insert it in a problematic PC and boot. It should automatically boot from floppy and flash the BIOS. Keep in mind that there will be no video feedback, so you'll have to wait until it reboots by itself. It might take couple of minutes. I didn't check the autoexec, but it should work. It is possible that you'll have to edit the autoexec.bat to:

flash895 965PS3.F12 /A /R /E /-G

and try it again. If it fails again, try with this combination:

flash895 965PS3.F12 /A /R /B /E /-G

That will make it flash the boot block, making it more risky of permanent BIOS damage.

If all that fails, RMA it or order new BIOS chip. It usually is replaceable.

Edit: I've added "/A" to the autoexec content and added the COMMAND.COM to the instructions

Thanks for the details instruction. i followed your instructions on creating the boot floppy disk. Before i did this, i clear CMOS by taking out the mainboard battery. When i tried to use this boot floppy, it seems my floppy drive is not working (no sound of reading or lights). When i tried this floppy drive on another computer, it worked fine. so what should i do? change the mainboard?

Not the whole motherboard. You should contact the manufacturer or the shop you purchased it and explore the possibility of replacing the motherboard (if it is still under warranty). If you get negative response, you should order new BIOS chip, either from the shop/manufacturer or online.... if it is a replaceable chip.

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