Am looking to build a new PC but am not really sure of what should i get.
Am a music producer and so i want a very good MoBo + Processor.

Things i HAVE :

Sound card - M-Audio's Delta Audiophile 24/96
Headphone - Beyerdynamic DT 250

Things i Dont want :

A Graphic card. am not gona play games. An onboard one should be more than enough.

Things i WANT :

Ram. Kingston ? 2 or 4gb ?
An Asus MoBo
AMD X2 processor may be 4800+ ?
A better power supply/ cooling fans ?

Any suggestions would really help.
thank you.

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XP or vista?

2gb on vista gives same perfoamance as 1gb on XP generally

4gb on xp is a waste as it cant handle it properley

Power supply is important but your not gonna have a graphics card so you dont need anything huge

Personally i reccomend the InteL Core2 over the AMD X2

XP. 100%.

To be honest, am looking forward to buying AMD since am using one. Am currently using AMD Athlon MX 2400 +. It works great. Its only that its too old now and i dont wish to upgrade it but buy a new one.

2gb of 600mhz should do it i think instead of 4gb.

Any thoughts ?

Yeah, should be good

I use my 2gb/xp pro/pentium 4ht for programming/amateur filmmaking and its good

I dont do anything professionally sounding, but running effects and things in audacity (i play bass guitar in a band) is really quick

programs like that benifit a lot from having a dual core CPU i think

2gb on xp is very good.

is the compuer going to be in the same room you are recording in? because that will make noise a factor. look at antec's line of silent psu's and you also might want to look at cooler master's cosmos case. i have one of these, and it is SILENT.

in the cpu department, check out amd's 5000 black edition. it uses amd's new 65nm brisbane core.




Gonna look in to whats being suggested here.

Keep 'em coming.

thank you very much.

I am building one also for music production. I am running protools m-powered, Sonar 7 Producer Edition, Reason 4.0 in rewire mode. I use Waves Vst plug ins Platinum, Diamond and Gold. I record in 24 bit/96mhz. It takes up a lot of room and it kills a single core 2.6 and 3.1 single core. CPU's is a major factor. I tweaked my computer specially for music production. I will build a computer with the AMD and I hope that it does not work properly or effectively. I really can't afford to play with components.

get a Mac!!

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