Between one hibernation and the next it seems I'm unable to change my screen resolution. On the Display panel it gives me two options, Low, and High, but I am unable even to move the slider over to High, so Low it is. I have Vista 32bit, and geforce 8400gs.

I've tried rolling back the drivers, to no avail.

I've disabled the PCI card and reverted to my onboard chip, which fixes the problem, but I got a new vid card for a reason, so I don't view this as a solution, persay.

I've attempted several system restores, also to no avail.

I DO have the most recent drivers for nvidia and vista, not even a month old.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the PCI card didn't fix it, either. As soon as I restart after the reinstall the resolution defaults back to the lowest, 640x400.

If anyone has any other ideas I would be thrilled to hear them :) Thanks!

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Physically remove the card, and use onboard video for one complete boot. Then shut down. Reinstall card, and reboot. Then reinstall the drivers. SOmetimes an OS will get stuipid until you take away the component, and then reintroduce it. Try and repost.

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