Well over the past few months I burn the periodic cd and listen to them in my car and everywhere throughout my house. I have burned CDs many times with multiple machines, but this is a first time I have encountered this problem.

I usually use Windows Media Player to burn my cds and today I put in a blank CD, it recongized it, then I proceeded to burn. The burn took its course and analyzed the data, then wrote it to the disc and then Finalized it, I watched it do this. I get my cd after it is done and put it in my car and it just spits it back out at me. It can play EVERY OTHER cd I have burned. I go home, make another one, using a different disc, try it again, still no luck. Then I take a glace at the back of BOTH discs and there is absolutly no data on the back. I put the "Burned" CD back in my computer and it says it is a blank disc.. even though I burned 79:57 minutes of music on it.

I have tried this process about 6 times now.. Using different discs and songs and still NOTHING on the CDs AFTER they are Burnt. Any Ideas?

hi, it could be that your burner is faulty already...

once you burn music to the disc, can you looka at the data on it? before taking it out of the drive?

Ya, I can just click on the drive in my computer...

All it says is it is empty, then I open up my burning software and it thinks it is a blank disc, again, even though it just burnt to it..

I didn't think a burner could like not burn anything on a disc, but still work perfectly fine reading and riping music off other CDs..

yeah, it could be that it can read and rip cd's , but it's burner doesn't function anymore..or try using other software to burn..

Maybe try and download a trial of either Nero or Cyberlink and see if that makes any difference

1. Try using cd/dvd lens cleaner or cotton buds with alcohol or water several times to clean the lens.

2. Try another drive.

I installed and used Roxio burning software and tried a few test CDs, and does the same thing.

And I just cleaned the lens, and still doing the same thing.

So, confirmed dead?