Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help me with what is probably a very easy question!
I had a computer built for me 5 years ago and i am just upgrading it a bit now. I don't need it really fancy but i'm having problems finding out which graphics card will be compatible with my motherboard. Is there a site which has lists of tis information?

My motherboard is an MP-7VIP-L. I am just in the process of putting more memory on, and then i'll install xp (i have ME at the moment - the horror!). The graphics card in at the moment is an Nvidia GEForce2 mx 400 64 mb. I have been told that it might be difficult getting hold of one any better to fit my board?

Thanks for any help!

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Your system board is probably too young for an ISA or Micro-channel slot. Most any PCI card that fits your pocket should be O.K.

Most cards these days are PCi Express or AGP

Your machine most likely has AGP.

As a general rule only AGP slots are brown, and there is usually only one of them.

You wont be able to run a good card without upgrading your power supply though

Right i'm quite sure its an agp then, sorry to be daft, but what do you mean by power supply? processor?


The power supply is the big (usually silver) box with a fan that usually sits at the top back of the case. A power cable goes from the wall to it, and it then has smaller power cables going from it to most of the devices inside your PC.

Good graphics cards will need to draw more power, and if your Powe Supply (PSU) is unable to supply it, your system will not work, or it may become damaged.

There are many different types though, not any old one will fit, and if you have never upgraded one before, it can be a bit tricky. Decent graphics cards need 450w+, basic graphics cards 350w+ as a general rule only

Oh right! I didnt realise you could have different power supplies for a computer, thats quite interesting. No I definitely have not upgraded one before - when you say tricky, do you mean physically or in that it's hard to find out which upgrade you can get?
Thanks for all your help, as you can tell I am pretty much a complete beginner with all this, so all advice is very useful!

physically its not too hard - just remember to WRITE DOWN where all the wires came from and where they go, before removing the old one so that you can get it all put back together again

the hard bit is compatibility. You need one with the correct amount of pins.

Is your system AMD, Intel?, Pentium 3 or 4?

It's an AMD (1.13) so thats pretty basic now i guess?
Oh and just browsing through some of the hardware and system settings yesterday, it says the loctaion nvidia geforce2... is on 'PCI bus 1' (I think, I can't remember the exact phrase). So how do I tell if its an agp or pci needed?

The PCI bus is a white plastic card slot, the high end adapter is as was indicated above, brown or a darker color and quite noticably longer.
If you're a gamer or at least into CAD then the hi-end adapter is what you'll need, gonna hit your pocket considerable more than the regular stuff tho.
If the above doesn't apply then most any PCI video adapter that takes your fancy and fits your pocket will do.

PCi and PCi express are NOT the same

Hi all,

I don't need it really fancy but i'm having problems finding out which graphics card will be compatible with my motherboard.

then in my opinion the 64 meg one you now have will be good enough ,save you money .
I think this is you board , http://www.magic-pro.com/en/product/socket462/7vipl.htm it will only take up to a 4x agp card ,so aging i say again save your money

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