hey guys im new to this site so bare with , let me try to explain my problem...

ok my computer wont start, last time i tried to turn it on it said a vga file was missing, then after, it completely stop saying anything, now all it says is to insert boot disk.. i tried to use recovery programs system startup and repair discs but nothing work the only thing i actually got to work and run was mini pe cd with the programs winter eternals but that didnt help....now my computer is a system max tiger with anthelon pentium 3 processor with 512 mb of ram and it runs windows xp a dvd drive and cd dvd drive...i hope you guys can help

I would try getting my hands on a proper Microsoft Windows XP disc, then booting from that and performing a complete reinstall. If one CD you have boots, there's no reason any others shouldn't? Does your BIOS show? (The bit when you first turn it on before you start Windows?) Also, check the hard drive connections are securely into the drive. If you have access, try a different hard drive in the machine, as I'd suggest a failed hard drive if one day it booted and the next day it's saying 'insert boot disc".

Let us know.


thank you but thats not the case..i cant even boot my xp disc , so im kind of lost

Make sure your boot sequence is set to your cd or dvd drive before your hard drive

thank you but i cant even get there it goes straight to a black screen and says please insert disc , i tried putting a cd in there, i can hear the cd but after a few seconds the cd stops and it tells to please insert disc..is that weird

unplug all drives, leave in one stick of memory and see if you can get into the setup

i tried to do that it didnt work so let me give you the step by step, ok
I turn on the cpu, the system max screen appears for like two minutes then another screen appears showing me information saying that the health status is ok , the it says sla drive incompatible and master incompatible then it says press f1 to continue, i press f1 and it goes to black screen and says boot error please insert disk, thats when all drives are connected, when i disconnect all the drives and do it , it says boot failure instead of boot error. im pretty computer saavy but im clueless here, i thank you guys for all your help and advice....but is there any other to get to the the setup because im pretty all i need to do is have my hard drive setup to boot first to get it on.

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