Hi there
Looking for some help with the screen on a Dell Latitude D505.
When it's on the colors are all screwed up - white is black, black is white, blue is orange etc.
Updated video driver and BIOS from dell site but no joy.
Connected to LCD TV at home via VGA port and perfect pic, which I guess means graphics card is OK.
I've just replaced the inverter circuit board and still the same!

Anyone any ideas?

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From the sounds of it I would have said the inverter board was the problem. Since you replaced that with no change then it has to be the LCD panel itself (since the picture if fine using an external display).

If you had any other questions about the system, or if you wanted me to check the warranty status of the computer, please let me know. I can be reached by email (customer_advocate@dell.com with 'ATTN: Larry' in the subject) or by PM.

Dell Customer Advocate


i think its something in the options menu as i know the ones in college are always going like that (maybe people do it for a laugh?)

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