First i would like to apologize as i'm not sure if this is a dupilcate post or not, but i only have a few mins to browse the forums before i head of to work.

Basically, i'm stuck, my computer everytime i boot, once past the WinXp loading screen i constantly get a blue screen and it restart to the same thing over and over, now i dont care much for the content on the computer at the moment so i was willing to reformatt, but once the windows xp setup is about to begin, it blue screen again and continues to restart.

Error message contains hardware problems or possible viruses on the machine, i cant give you the error code and i dont have much time to look at the blue screen before it dissapears.

Like i said before, i dont care for the content so i'm begging for anyone to give me a solution to get this problem sorted, i cannot get into windows itself to problem virus scans or whatever, but i'm 100% each hardware component is working according, unless a virus is doing this i wouldnt know.

Anyway to wipe the harddrive so i can install a fresh windows or someway to access windows itself to restore or preform a reformatt would be greatly appericated.

Sorry for any bad english as well as i'm trying in a rush, was meant to leave 10 mins ago for work haha

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There's two solutions I would try first. Generally this is a problem with the Master Boot Record of Windows. Typically caused by a virus or other threat or the actual hard-drive itself may be faulty. First put your Windows XP cd in the computer and boot from that. Then after it has finished you will get an option to go to recovery console. Go in there and type 'chkdsk /p' (think that's right otherwise type chkdsk /? which will give you a few scan options - go for the one that says scan for bad sectors) which should run a check disc on the drive volume and correct any errors. If that doesn't fix it then consider a full re-install.
Another option may be if you can get hold of a copy of ERD Commander which can boot into the NTFS file system allowing you to retrieve data and also attempt System Restores and repairs.
See how that goes.

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