Hi, i dont know that much about computers, but it seems like the people on this forum do. So i was wondering if you could help. this is my first post! So hi everyone!

When i play games like Warxraft 3 frozen throne, Starcraft brood war and others, ( I like blizzard games :D) They always seem to freeze on me after a certain amount of time. sometimes i get a BSOD or sometimes the screen freezes and also sometimes when im playing WC i get a Fatal Error notice and the game closes. I dont know how to fix it.

I have 2.2 ghz
960 Mb ram
and some built in 64 Mb video card

if theres anythign else you guys needa know then dont hesitate to ask!

i appreciate all the help you can give and thank you in advance! :D

Might wanna run a memory test.

What messages do you get when these blue screens pop up...?

Might wanna run a memory test.

What messages do you get when these blue screens pop up...?

Whats a memory test? and i get a machine check exception error on the bsod. Thanks for helpin (:

scratch the memory test.

It looks like the machine check exception could be overheating hardware.

this problem only comes up during video games?

download and install speedfan from http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php and post your results. try not to be doing any processing so the temperatures are what you'd expect to get when your pc is idle

we can go from there.

Yep. I've encountered that problem and it usually relates to Overheating of the Hardware Due to overclocking or insufficient airflow going through the Casing. Make sure to never overclock unless you have decent cooling installed. so just reset your Bios to default settings and leave it at stock.

yeah its overheating or maybe the fact that your video card sucks

yeah its overheating or maybe the fact that your video card sucks

Yeah, I'd agree with jbennet. Integrated video has a tendency to run extremely hot, and running games with it could only make it worse.

I'd get a dedicated GPU... even just a PCI dedicated graphics card is better than an onboard deal.

yeah, i mean, oldish games like Starcraft wont need anything expensive - i run guild wars on as little as a 128mb AGP card (geforce 5 based) - ebayable for under $50

before buyng a card you need to find out if you need agp, pci or pci express and what speeds, also what power you have

Just Remeber when Upgrading to have a good PSU to accomadate for that. Need Enough Voltage to power it all or *BOOM!* lol.. blew up a PSU before.. not the best thing.. -_-

Thanks for all the help guys! Sorry i havent replied in a while, i had no time, but i thought something was overheating too, so i opened my case up and blew a fan into it a while back but nothing changed.

whats GPU PSI and PSU

and to disophisis, yes the problem only comes up during games :\ im downlading the fan as im typing. Thanks (: hope it works

and how do i reset my bios to stock speeds? i dont know if its being overclocked or not ):

Oh yeah i tried changing my video card before , but i couldnt figure out how because it was an on board on and i didnt know how to take it off. can anyone help please?

Thanks again for all your help guys. I really really reall appreciate it. Sorry im so computer illiterate ):

PSU is Power Supply and GPU is your Graphics Processing Unit. Anyway for your problem of overheating try turning the PC on and pressing delete to get into your Bios or F1 or whatever your PC requires you to press to get into it. and Just click onto the "Load Optimized Defaults" Give that a shot :) hope it helps

you dont take the onboard one off

you stick in a new one into one of the card slots then tell the pc to ignore the built in one and use that one instead (in the bios)

oh thanks guys! ill see if i can get a new video card. I really appreciate it. (:

you need to figure out what card slot you have first, pci express, pci or agp

agp slots are brown, pci is white and pci express is black

this is only a rough guide!

Sorry man why i post my problem here but don't want to open new thread with the same problem.

I have the same problem, the diference is that i bought my pc yesterday and when i play CS 1.6 or f1 2001 (i tried this games so far) my pc freeze after few minutes and i need to reboot, i don't know what is the problem can anyone help me????

M2N32 sli deluxe/wifi
amd athlone x2 4600+
geforce 8600gt 512mb
2gb ram
250gb hdd

this is the performance from my new pc, so i still cannot understand why mu pc freeze on so "stupid" games

ovrheat, bad drivers or low power

ovrheat, bad drivers or low power

Emphasis on the low power over here...

What's the wattage on the power supply?

I went to newegg.com and used their wattage calculator and put in your specs (approx.) and it returns a recommended PSU of 373 watts... now you have a 400 but 400 is the maximum output.

So it could still be a power problem if your PSU isn't a very good one. If it's low quality it could say 400 watts but really be a terrible performer.

I use a 550 watt PSU and my specs are a bit higher than yours and I don't every have power problems.

Maybe get speedfan or some other temperature reading programs so you can see if you GPU or CPU are overheating.

But first of all, try some different drivers for your graphics card.

I had the same issue on some of my games and it was the driver. My experience with the power has been the screen wont even load, do you actually see the game or is it a blank screen? On my desktop I blew my psu and went and bought a new one. I saw 450 but somehow wound up with the 330, I didn't check when I was installing and when I didn't have enough power, I could get to the game menu but trying to load a game, just blank screen. I would check to update drivers before buying a new psu. Make sure you don't have any extra devices running sucking power also.

too crap PSU.

Modern graphics cards need 450w MINIMUM - 650w is there powerful

how do you check your psu, i dont know what mine is ):

if you open up your case your power supply should have a label on it that tells how much power it can put out in watts.

I had the same problem with two Bfg 7950 gt sli,I tried difrent confguration of ram,vga,psu I even conect one of my card using molex adapter but it didnt work at all.Answer is short,upgrade your bios to 1002 and turn off cool&quiete in bios menu!!!!

yeah its overheating or maybe the fact that your video card sucks

Hi i need a quick reply,

i have just bought a new computer 3-6 months old and a gigabyte mother board 700pmc or something

i have 2 gb ram
3.2 ghz and pentium D processor.
and an inbuilt 64mb graphics card

up until last week, when i play counter strike (the origional) within 5-20 minutes it freezes and the sound plays the last sound befrore it froze billions of times really fats until i reboot my computer.
i run ad-aware and AVG Anti-0Virus and pick up small bugs all the time and clean them but no big bugs.

if you could help me it would be truely appreciated.

a) the p4d gets insanely hot and draws huge amounts of power- it has huge problems hence the "pentium" architechture being scrapped, and intel moving to the "core" architechture . My guess is overheating or browning out.

b) a 64mb card really sucks. Its probably nit even 64mb, its probably like 2 and steals the rest from sytem ram