So, yesterday i recieved my new 2407WFP-HC Monitor, amazing btw, and kicked my resolution up to 1900x1200(i dont know the exact number).

Those are the only changes ive made to my computer, new screen with a higher resolution. Now i can sit there and play WoW for a decent time and all of a sudden ti freezes for minute. then recovers giving me the "Nv____.dll driver has stopped working but recovered" and i go from a steady 25-35fps in 2 windows of WoW to barely breaking 5fps. a Reboot fixes it but this happens so randomly, sometimes i went for hours without it happening, other times only a few minutes.

Before i got the screen and up'd my reso, i could leave wow open for days on end and never have a slow down, save for good ol memory leaks which never made a huge differece.

I've updated the drivers and still had the problem, Im running the latest 169.25 nvidia drivers with the 7900GTX 512MB card on Windows Vista x64 Ultimate.

If anyone has any ideas what may be causing this or how to fix it, i would greatly appreciate the help. I am affriad im going to be informed it is the resolution causing the problem and i will cry.

First, reset your resolution to a low setting, really low and see if it works fine. then, step it up one by one and see what your upper limit is. then don't go over it.

Well i needed XP for class so installed it and had been playing all day yesterday with no problem.... vista sucks :( So with xp i dont have a problem ill just deal with the faster, better managed windows XP :P.