I accidentally left my Emac 1.25GHz on for a few days and when I returned, I couldn't get it to return from sleep mode. So I powered it down with the power button and when I turned it on again, the front power light came on, I heard the familiar music chord and then nothing, no image on the monitor or anything. Tried unplugging all cables from it, including USB and power, waiting for 15-20 minutes, no luck. Had a USB Zip drive plugged directly into a USB port if that makes any difference. Running Panther 10.3.9 with all the latest updates. DSL Internet connection accessed through a recently installed Airport Extreme card. The Emac was purchased new in November of 2004.

I'll assume, the worst, did the motherboard go bad? Or possibly the hard drive or monitor? I don't hear any activity/noise coming from inside the computer after that initial music chord, so I'm guessing it may be the motherboard or hard drive.

Sure hope it's not a hardware problem, any ideas/thoughts/remedies would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Got an emac with similar problem. Was looking for an answer here.
I checked the capacitors that are near the memory. They are OK.
Have the K on top, no swelling or leaking.
This emac does not wake up from sleep. Will restart after unplugging and starting.

TRy resetting PR ram and NV ram on boot....

Press these Keys upon Boot...
1. Option-shift-PR keys
2. Option-Shift-NV keys

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