I have had a thinkpad R51 for abotu 4 and half years now..Recently its been dying on me.
The computer reboots if the screen moves a tiny bit..or the power cord shakes loose.
Clearly there is a loose contact near the power input..but even with a charged battery the computer restarts itself if the screen is moved even slightly.

Moreover, the computer screen becomes black by itself when the computer is running for a bit. This can happen after 20 minutes or after 2 hrs.

There is no warranty on it and I was wondering if there is anyway to save it..or if anyoen can guess where the issues might me.

Thanks for reading.


Usually when a laptop "loses" it's screen it is because of the backlight at the bottom of the screen is going or has gone out. Sometimes you can see the screen very faintly if you get close enough. This can be fixed but it is not recommended for the novice.
As far as the power connection problem, you definitely have an issue that is going to get worse. What happens a lot of times is that the ac adapter plug on the motherboard is only held in with solder (not fastened to the case like it should be) so over time the constant strain of the power plug, plus the occasional bump begins to weaken the solder or the actual part itself. The screen puts tremendous stress on the case and motherboard because of the weight and what is most likely happening is that when you bump the screen it causes the case to flex and jiggle the motherboard causing a momentary loss/shift in power and the computer shuts off.
You might be able to resolder the power connections on it, but first get your data off because it might just die. If you experince this power loss while the hard drive is being accessed then you might corrupt your drive.