I have been using this gateway for 3 years, no problem. Yesterday No Screen, fan on, no boot. Note: The CD or floppy will not turn!! Took it apart, Intel chip looks like it gets hot. I think it is the power supply on the motherboard, or may be the cpu chip went out and is loading down the PS?? Note one of the heat sink post came on done due to heat. Looks like it's the MB.

Any ideas
Mr Tennis Balls

Tried to turn power on today, now no power to the fan. Is it true that The cpu really heats up in abount 5 seconds. If so what does it shut down. I noticed the cpu is totally black, is that normal?? Is it possible that the cpu is bad and the heat sink repaired then problem will go away??

Mr Tennis Balls :evil:

I noticed the cpu is totally black, is that normal??

If your cpu is totally black that not a good sign mean cpu got so hot thermal paste turn color. You cpu proably die a slow death.

The problem seems to be power supply related. The Floppy will not turn or the cd. Even if i remove the Hd, Cpu????? Is there a temp sensor that my be defective related to the cpu??


is there a soulution to this promblme my lap top did this after i replaced a bad power jack