Hi, My son has an amd 3700, 939 pin processor, 1 gig L2 cache.
I think it is a great processor, but he wants a faster one in a 939 pin to go with his 8800 gts video card.
I would appreciate any advice an this subject.
thanks, Mike

It would be a little hard now because i did notice 939's are being phased out for the 940 Pin processors which are very cheap on the market aswell. I'd go for the 940 Pin CPU + New Motherboard for it.

939 is being phased out for AM2, you mean.

Get an AM2 + An athlon FX Dual Core. They rock and are fauirly cheap.

:) its alllllll good i just got my new AM2 5600+ processor man omg its awesome! :D

Thats nice!I need a 939. How about a 4200 dual core manchester. I just need something which will be noticeable better than a 3700 1meg L2 cache. Next christmass We'll chang over.

Well as i said there being phased out in stores. might be lucky to find one but there pretty expensive. best bet would be over ebay though. I may be selling my Dual Core 4600+ AMD 939 over it real soon for a cheap price.