Hii, This is my first post not sure whether i can use Bold letters will have to check .

Anywayz i have a couple of problems... with my P-4,1.6Ghz,40Gb Hard disk(Samsung SP0411n), Sis on board chipset ,Sis 650_740 display...

1. When i perform any C++ program or play Ea sports Cricket 2002 my computer shuts down or infact i should say the power goes off.... and i cannot restart the computer , i have to disconnect the power chord, connect it again and then it works... infact i thought that there might be a problem with the power chord but changing it also could not help, with UPS also it has same problem... to add more strangeness other than this my computer has never shutdown... or power has gone off like this..

It just happens when i run a C++ program or a EA sports Cricket 2002 game.

2. I have one onboard SIS 7012 soundcard which is not working with my Microsoft Windows Xp professional 2002.... it is on board i consulted some people and they said that you should buy a PCI slot soundcard... i have bought recently called Crystal CS 4281 driver... i have got sound back now in my computer... but i cannot use mic now even though i have 3 mics someone might say i have faulty mic... i have also checked volume control undertask bar and selected the mic over there...

Some people say that u have to check your sound properties under BIOS..

What do they mean changing setting under BIOS..

Further more when playing some song or some game sound hangs sometime or getss a bit distorted and then works fine... this happens alwaysz..


Well, not to plug a product, but you really should have bought a Sound Blaster soundcard, cheap no-name cards can be a nightmare waiting to happen.

On BIOS setup, when you first boot your machine, there is a 'setup' program that can be accessed, usually by hitting a certain key. Next time you boot up, watch very carefully for a message like 'Hit DEL to enter setup'. It goes by very fast, though, you must watch for it. If you hit the key it says while the message is there, you will enter the BIOS setup program. You should go through every page of that, and if you find any entries to disable your onboard sound, do so, it's critical that you do so since you have an add on soundcard as well.

Once you've disabled the onboard sound, see if that solves your problem. If it doesn't, let us know, we'll see what the next step is. :)

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