It's a Del GX260. After a power outage, it does not boot. Message: no boot device found

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possible that the outage fried the hard drive ,did you have it plugged into a good power serge bar,or direct to wall outlet .it will need more looking at than i can offer online ,you will need to open the case and maybe remove ribbon cables and power cables from the drive and motherboard and then re-plug them back in to the drive and board .

i would say from past experience that your hard drive is faulty.
Try a program called hard drive regenerator / boot this program up from the disc and it will repair any bad sectors on the disc & all your info will still be on the hard drive.
But i don't think it would work on this as your pc is not recognising any hard drive installed.
If you can get to your hard drive try to feel if the hard drive is spinning when the pc boots and if it isn't then the hard drive is faulty.
Sounds like the lightening has fryed your hd.
It maybe worth a try.

if you have access to another PC you can put the drive on and running a disk utility like what selwyn suggested above.

this help stuff is driving me nuts ,but its addictive 7 hrs gone by i thought they were looking for help!!lol

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