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My computer Crashed and before it crashed it had sound and was working ok.
I restored my computer and I do not have any sound I looked at the system drivers and they appear to be working. I need to know what to do to restore my sound I have Windows ME and I need to know do I need to reinstall a PCI Audio Card. Oh when I had to fix my crash I had to Fdisk to empty the harddrive and reinstall windows and Ineed to know if I need to reinstall a sound card. the driver shows to be working and my speakers are new. I believe I got them connected correctly.

Please Help thanks


There's a couple of things you might try.

Expand the list (click on the +) and select your sound card with the mouse
Double click on the sound card (mine is a Santa Cruz PCI Audio)
There are 3 tabs at the top of the pop up menu.
Click on the GENERAL tab. In the DEVICE STATUS area in the middle of the page, it should say "This device is working properly". If not, there will be guidance telling you what is wrong. If it's working OK, then click on the DRIVER tab. There is a tab at the bottom labeled DRIVER FILE DETAILS. You can click on that to get the details of the driver that is currently installed. From there, you have three choices:
1- Go to the Mfr's web site and find the latest driver for your particular sound card (this is the preferred choice). If there is one later than the one you saw in the Driver File Details display, download it and you're probably home free.
2- Go to Microsoft's Update site and have your PC scanned to see if there is a better driver for your sound card. If so, download it.
3- Back to the control panel and the screen with the driver info - next to the Driver File Details button you will see another button labeled UPDATE DRIVER. You can select that and do an Automatic Search to try to find a better driver.

If your driver is at fault, one of these might help you. As a last resort, you could remove the sound card (assuming it's not integrated into the motherboard), reboot, then shut down, reinstall the sound card, and boot again. This should result in Win Me finding an new Plug & Play device and automatically looking for a driver from the Windows file. You may need your original Win Me disks for this.

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