Hey this is my first post and i was wondering if anyone can tell if my computer is graphics card compatiblehere is my system (all the info i know im pretty sure theres more that i dont know about)

its about 2 years old....Dell (Optiplex gx 150,is the make...i guess )
Windows 2000 pro
1.2 Ghz
259mb ram

the reason why i ask is because i got a graphics card with the cd (it was given to me.) I dont know where to plug it in. I did take out 1 of the 2, 4-5 inch chips from its slot and it wouldnt fit....im lost,,,,
please help me i would really really welcome all advice

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If it's a newer Video card it's probably for an AGP slot. AGP comes in AGP4 or AGP8, but you need to check the specs for the card to be sure. From the specs on your computer (http://support.dell.com/) you only have PCI slots on the Optiplex gx 150. I'm pretty sure AGP slots have to be build into the motherboard, so there's no way to use a plug/adapter to convert it in any way. But if you do want a video card for you Optiplex you can get ones that you can use in a PCI slot..they should run you about $60 or so. I would also recoment checking out your specs for RAM, I would think you can at leats double the ammount that you've got. This will make your PC run much better and faster and RAM for it shouldn't be too costly.

btw my first post too :D good luck


I agree but you also need to make sure you dont get pci express slot.
A pci slot is good for upgrading intergrated graphics cards.

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