Just today I was just browsing the web, watching some funny youtube videos, then my computer just freaks out, and then freezes. I wait for about 30 minutes, come back, still frozen, so I turned it off and tried turning it back on. My Dell Logo comes up and does that, then when it is supposed to show me the screen where is shows me all my devices loading up, my screen goes black and nothing happens.

I have opened up my computer and done everything I can. (Took everything apart and put back together)

All the lights work, CD Drives work, USB ports work, mouse and keyboard work, boot up noises are normal as well. I haven't added any new hardware recently.

Please help.


i would tend to think there is something from with you HDD. Possibly corrupted

hi, i agree with ebarrera check your HDD or try installing a fresh OS check if it will help

it sucks when your HDD is corrupt. But is happens, look into a usb to ide adapter and see if you can save some of your files. then i would format the disk and start from scratch, or better yet try a different drive in the pc and see what happens

Thanks guys, but apprently my comp works now, all I did was turn it off, sleep wake up turn it on, and it works... I don't know, but I'm happy.

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