i had to reset my computer using the cmos battery, i believe that this changed the primary drive on the computer. Without going into settings, how do i reset these configurations..i need to be able to install Windows xp...but the computer only reads the a drive...how do i get it to read d?

Your post is a little vague. Are you talking about the boot order of your devices? If so, the exact procedure for changing the order depends on your setup, but generally there is a key you need to press during the BIOS POST that will get you into the BIOS setup. This key could be F2, F12, DEL, ESC, etc. It should tell you somewhere on the screen what key to press. Once inside the BIOS setup, look for something about boot order or boot device order and change it accordingly. It sounds like you want to boot from a Win XP cdrom on drive d: ?? If so, make sure that the CDROM device appears somewhere in the list before hard drive. (After the install, you should change the boot order back to something like FLOPPY, HARD DRIVE, CDROM)

the problem is, even though it says to press f1 to enter setup, when i do it says entering setup, then it goes to a screen that isn't setup

Once again, your post is a little vague and I'm not sure if you are still requesting assistance. If that is your intention, can you describe what screen does show up when you press F1? In addition, what is the make and model of your computer (or your motherboard if it's a custom build)?