I was just using my computer, listening to some music, and suddenly this "Brown Screen of Death" appeared. Kind of light brown in color, cut off the music.

My OS is Vista, but I 've never had a problem even similar to this before. Ctrl+Alt+Del wouldn't work, so I hit the power and turned it off. When trying to turn it back on, the power comes on, then some very faint clicks and beeps, then the CD drive spins for a second, a couple more noises happen on the other side of the computer, and then nothing.

The power light stays on, and a high pitch drone continues, but nothing happens. The screen stays totally black.

What could the problem be?


Please post the specs of your PC for us to have a look at them. This sort of thing does not look or sound very good so I am not gonna sugar coat it. I had the similar issue but with XP and I had to replace the mobo as it was fried. SO it ll be helpful to get ur specs here and try to troubleshoot the problem. It could be hard drive issue as well where it might have crashed/corrupted.


A friend came by and we took out the hard drive, and were able to retrieve the data off at least. But he said the same thing Raj, that the motherboard is most likely fried.

I guess, now I just need to decide between getting an new mobo or a new laptop.

if u can afford a new laptop thats fine but i ll get the new mobo mate with all the stuff that i want rather than a factory assembled. Handpick the most reliable stuff and get it build if not urself.....

also its worthwhile to check the hard drive with other mobo and get mobo checked to make sure what exactly is the fault? U might not need a new mobo, could just be corrupted hard drive or something even less expensive to replace.

Explore all your options then at least u ll be sure what u wanna do.