I've been noticing some screen tearing on my computer for a while now, the odd part of it, is what it affects.

I get slight screen tearing when I move windows side to side, even if very slowly.

I am also getting screen tearing on Videos, but ONLY streaming videos I watch online like on youtube, If I download the video and watch the downloaded version no tearing...

Also getting slight screen tearing when scrolling up or down a webpage.

I am also getting screen tearing in windowed games, absolutely no tearing what so ever if the games are full screen but if they are windowed, I get some tearing moving the camera side to side.

V-Sync is Forced on.

Graphics Card: GeForce 8600GT (Little over a month old) also notice the same issue with my old 7300LE

OS: Windows XP

Driver Version: 169.21

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

check the refresh rate of your monitor, ensure you have the latest drivers for the video card. Check the temp on your CPU ( you can use everest for this)

Monitor Refresh Rate is at 60 Hertz, other options for my 1024x768 resolution include 70 Hertz, 72 Hertz, and 75 Hertz, it gets blurry past 60 Hertz though.

I have the latest Video Driver.

Where is a good reliable place I can find Everest to check my CPU temperature?

try Here is this a LCD or CRT monitor. and are you using VGA or DVI connection. Is this video onboard or PCI.

Not sure what kind of monitor it is, it's a flat screen (similar to that which comes with a laptop)

I'm using a VGA connection to hook my card to my Monitor as I've yet to go purchase a DVI cord.

Both graphic cards are PCI.

I downloaded a 30 day free trial of Everest, not to sure where to find the CPU temperature though... I've looked under CPU but don't see anything there, also looked under CPUID. I did a stress test and my HDD1 temperature is around 28...

Could you help me out with the program so that I may give you the temperature?

once you load the program you should see a few number in the task bar area. Although i am not sure if the home edition has the same feature ( i am using the ultimate edition)

I'm using the Ultimate Edition as well, although I'm not seeing any numbers, where's the task bar area?