Hi, my monitor seems to have developed a fault. The display is jumbled and halfway across there is a vertical lie and the text is stretched to the rhs of the screen! This only happens when the res is set to 1024x768, if i change the resolution to any other it looks ok on the screen. is this a graphics card fault do you think? The monitor is a 17in lcd widescreen, i also use it for t.v. which works fine still.

This is how the screen appears.

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I have recently upgraded my graphics card and tried the resolution again, i have the same problem! decided to test another monitor and it works fine. could it be the cable at fault? The t.v. works fine.


must just be your monitor not liking that resolution for some odd reason.
when you view it as a TV, are there different size settings, ie widescreen, fullscreen, 16:9 etc etc?? if there are you could try all of these, to see if you get a problem with any of these.
the monitor could just have a bug when displaying in certain ways.


yeah the monitor does have different setting for the t.v. 4:3 & 16:9
I have tried 1024x768 on the different setting but half the text on the left and half the text on the right is missing!! its not jumbled though.
thing is when i first started using the monitor it worked fine!!

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