I'm absolutely weired out by my computer. For no apparent reason it was freezing the screen and making weird noises while I was typing and I'd have to reboot it. Now it makes psyco noises whenever I turn it on and won't let me get past the BIOS screen. I've just brought a working keyboard and it won't let me move up the menu in the BIOS screen. I can't even get out of it. It worked perfectly at a friends house and went even worse when I brought it home. I've got a new keyboard and mouse so that's not it. Could the monitor or power cable be doing this? Cause that's the only thing different at my house. Please help me some one cause I'm just getting more and more frazzled about this. Anyone got a chill pill? lol

Please describe these "psycho noises" in more detail.

Psycho noises aside, if the keyboard is a USB type you may need to enable it in the BIOS which is a catch 22 as you will need a PS2 keyboard to do this.

If this psycho noise is a clicking noise it may be your hdd.

I have just an ordinary keyboard and the noises sound like a stuttering series of slurred beeps at the moment. To clarify the beeps better, when you switch your computer on it makes that "beep" noise when it starts and this is a psycho version of that particular sound. Before, when it started playing up, it used to make a sound like a modem connecting to the internet when I switched it on and then it moved to this noise.

I think your motherboard is dead.

Alrighty so it might be the motherboard then, Okay. Um just out of curiousity, do you have any idea why was it working at my mates place and not mine? Was that just coincidence or could that mean something? I really don't know much about the hardware side of computers. I'm just a self-appointed software Wiz lol

It would be helpful it you would let us know the make and model of your computer.

If this happened after moving it then I would open it up and check all of your connections, reseat your RAM and the cards plugged into the motherboard.

To avoid any electrostatic mishaps touch the metal of the case prior to handling any of the components, this will discharge you.

Can you discern any pattern to these sounds, and are you sure they are coming from the motherboard?