So I have an all custom cpu with AMD atholon 64 processor, MSI K8N Neo motherboard, geforce 6800 graphx card, with a 420 watt power supply. The cpu has a total of 8 fans inside.
Anyway ive had the cpu for 2 years now, its never failed me until now.
So i unpluged the computer for a change of rooms and when i plugged it back in at the new location (nothing differant, same house outlets) I turned the pc on and it worked good but i noticed the USB ports wernt working at all. The mouse or keyboard wasnt working, i switched to differant mouses and boards and everything they still didnt work but the computer turned on fine. So the dumb kid I am, I went to the back of the power supply while it was still on and switched the voltage swith from like 115 to 220 or something and the computer made weird noises before shutting off following a burnin smell. I immedately unplugged it. The computer wont turn on at all now. Its not the power supply because I checked it on other computers. PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

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Burning smell = not good.

Something's burnt out and in situations like this we'd send an engineer out with a motherboard and PSU and take it from there.

There's no reliable way of knowing what has been damaged without testing or changing them to find out.

oh man. Can you give me an estimate on how much that new hardware will cost me (taking for granite its the motherboard)?

Well, in the UK mobos start at around £30 ($50-ish). PSUs start at around £10 ($15-ish). You've got to make sure the mobo you choose will accept your processor, though (starting with the type and pin configuration).

There's potentially a lot more to it and you might have other blown components. In the long run, it might be worth (i.e cheaper) thinking about a whole new machine assuming this one isn't a high-spec system or anything.

I spent a couple grand on this thing, and i have to sell it on ebay so I need to quick fix whatever is wrong with it

That's different - in more ways than one. You probably won't want the cheap parts I mentioned.

I went down to frys electronics (largest computer store here) and they said its the mother board and offered me my exact mother board for 50 bucks so i cant beat that can I? any other online sites for cheaper motherboards anyone of you can find would be appreciated.

No, that sounds fine. Go for it.

I'm trying to figure out how you spent a couple of grand on it when the mobo costs $50 to replace now.

It's not an older machine, is it? PCs do not hold their prices at all. $2000 spent on a machine back in 2002 would get four machines, each considerably more powerful today.

But the main thing is you can see a clear way forward, and that's what counts most of all :)

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