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need more details than that, we will work out were the spaces are meant to be, lol, for now use the xp on screen keyboard in accesories :P


Option one:

Get a new keyboard.

Option two:

Hire someone else to do your typing.

Depending upon whether or not your keyboard is borked, one of those options would be the suitable one to follow.


I tried using the onscreen keyboard before which told me that it had to be program related when it did not work.

The keyboard is fine as I am using it now, all I did was remirrored my hard drive to the night before and its gone.

Was hoping to find out if it had happened before to anyone and what kind of program would have done this.

Thanks for your help!


Actually, Nemesis indicated that restoring a drive image from a previous date corrected the problem, so it must have been a software cause. It's impossible, of course, to say what specifically would have caused it but I'd suspect that it would have been malware of some variety, and most likely one which included a 'keylogger' component. Improve the internet security software installed on the system would be my advice.

DMR, you need to practice up on your Windozing skills, I suspect. I've not had to use a '3-fingered salute' for ages! :p Or perhaps I could be excused for suggesting you need this keyboard?


****Warning : that link is not for the overly prudish members of our community! *****


Or perhaps I could be excused for suggesting you need this keyboard...

Oh yes, I do need that keyboard. That function key looks like it would work with my Windows machines and my Linux boxen! A cross-platform detonator! Where do I order?

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