I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 with an IBM Travelstar ATA/IDE, 4.86GB model# DBCA-204860.
I run Windows XP on it and it's so full it wants to shut down on me.
I need a bigger harddrive but not sure what is compatible, and I don't know if I need more than just a bigger drive??
Just plain need help figuring how to keep this old guy working for me.

Where do you live?

in the UK you can buy 2.5" laptop drives from Maplin Electronics

you're better off getting a new pc, BUT, if you insist on using your current pc, you may be able to expand up to either a 137GB 2.5" hdd if you're lucky, or more than likely a 20gb hdd, because this is an old pc that contains older hardware that may not support many larger drives. I would be safe and buy a 40GB hdd, and divide it into 2 partitions, one for OS, one for data.

Do you also want to keep your older data, or start fresh from the beginning?


Thanks for the reply.
I don't need to keep anything that's on it. I'm using Windows XP.
I would be satisfied with 20, 40 or 60GB but I wasn't sure if any of those would be too big of an upgrade and give me trouble or not.
I am Not computer savvy about the internal workings or replacing things myself but the HDD is an easy in and out so thought I'd attempt this myself as long as I can buy the correct one. Any HDD that is ATA/IDE is okay then? What about the ones that have a number after them like that something that wouldn't be compatible?
This computer is Not my main computer and I just want to upgrade the HDD and possibly the RAM (what are your thoughts?) just because it is a Laptop and would come in handy for me plus I'm on a limited income so a newer Laptop is out of the question at this time. I have found 40GB HDDs on eBay at a store named Krex for $40. It says they are compatible for a Dell Inspiron 7000 but I wanted to be sure.
It's all greek to me about partitioning the drive?????

in this review, , the guy put a 40gig in and added ram ,my guess on the ram would be that its pc100.the laptop is quite old not ,actually i have 1 similar dell latitude cpi,coming any day now ,paid 48.00cdn for it .