Will 585 PS be enough for this system?

Biostar TForce TF7025-M2 Motherboard
AMD64 X2 4200+ 2.2Ghz Dual Core Processor
GeForce 7800 gs Graphix Card
2GB High-Speed DDR2-800 Memory
80GB Hard Drive
With 2 Stock Case Fans

Basically I am turning my old gaming PC into a web browsing and dling machine. At the same time buying a cheap Barebones Kit and inserting my old GC into this machine. I plan on using the new pc strickly for gaming mmorpgs and to keep it away from hackers, keyloggers ect...

And does anyone know of any good barebones sites? I browsed a few but they seemed to be about the same price and if I have to upgrade the PS it just doesnt seem worth it.

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yeah it should be enough

550w runs my radeon x1950 pro 512mb, 2gb ram and a pentium 4 extreme

depends on how cheap the psu is though. a cheap psu may say 500w but only actually produce 300w. also the voltages on the 12v matter for the video card

a high end card like my x1950 needs 30a on the 12v. a 12v rail is usually 16 (even less on a cheapo psu) so i had to look for one with dual or quad rails

in terms of barebones, in the UK i use "Novatech"

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