Hello. I have a Victorinox Swissbit 512 flash drive. I have had it for over 4 years now, and used is several times a month. Recently, I tried accessing the data on it, and I receive the following error message: USB device not recognized. I tried troubleshooting with windows, but to no avail. The status light that used to come on doesn't even light up anymore. Any ideas, or is my data just lost for good? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help. Have a great day! The drive is said to have no need for drivers for it to work. It should be recognized automatically.

I've heard that USB Flash drives can eventually just die from being used too much, especially if it is formatted in NTFS. And being 4 years old I would guess you stand a pretty good chance at having such an issue. Do you know what file type you're using? NTFS or FAT?

restart the pc with the flash drive already inserted. then right click on my computer and choose manage,then go to disk management, see if the drive show up there.

Following on from what bobbyraw mentioned.
If it is listed in disk management , rick click on your flash drive and choose format (this will if it works properly will erase all data etc off the drive).
Then format it in fat32 which has the added bonus of being read by mac and windows hust out of interest.
I have a few flash drives but format them in fat32 most of the time as the size is very small compared to pc harddrives which are normally formatted in ntfs format.