Here is the specs of my motherboard ports:
2 x Serial ATA/300 SATA, 1 x Ultra ATA/100 (ATA-6) IDE

As you can see I have SATA controller built in. I purchased a WD 180 GB HDD which is SATA2 . My question is will the SATA2 HDD run off of the SATA Controller listed above? I know there will be a speed sacrifice but will it at least run?


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SATA 300 is what's generally called SATA II or 3.0G although it really doesn't matter. No current SATA drives exceed the original SATA transfer rate of 150MB/sec. WD Raptors are SATA I drives and they are the fastest SATA drives available.

What is the chipset on your motherboard?


Hi thanks for replying,

Chipset: Intel 945GC Express

I am getting back into the biz after several years hiatus so the SATA drives are new to me..


Thanks to you all for the assistance! I am waiting on a legacy-to-sata power adapter to arrive so I couldn't boot it up and test it out..

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