I have a pc with two hdds:
1. maxtor - diamondmax 10, 160gb pata133 hdd, n256, 3.5 series ,d33019
2. samsung sata sp2504c

When turning on my pc, sometimes i would get the error that there are bad sectors and the hdd (maxtor had the os - xp - installed and the pc would boot on that) had to be replaced; and sometimes there wouldnt be a problem and i could see both hdds detected in my computer.

I installed xp (on the maxtor hdd) without formatting the maxtor hdd, and didn't get the bad sector msg anymore. But samsung sata hdd wasn't detected in the bios nor windows.

When checking the bios (Phoenix - Award Bios v6 00PG), only the maxtor hdd and the cd/dvd rom were detected.

I tried changing the cables, but still had the same problem. I also tried formatting the maxtor hdd and installing xp on it again..but still the same.

Now for the bios options, the Onboard SATA-1 Adapter is enabled. Is there anything else that should be changed?

Here's how my bios looks like: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=bph07110&dlc=en&lc=en&cc=us#bph07110_chandev

In the bios's main menu, this is what it says:

>First Channel Device 0 {TSSTcodpCD/DVD]
>First Channel Device 1 [Maxtor 6B160P0]
>Second Channel Device 0 [None]
>Second Channel Device 1 [None]
>Third Channel Device 0 [None]
>Fourth Channel Device 0 [None]

Here's what I have in the bios's advanced area:

Plug & Play OS [Yes]
Reset Configuration Data [No]
Primary Video Adapter [PCI]
PS/2 Mouse [Auto Detect]
Local Bus IDE Adapter [Both]
Onboard SATA-1 Adapter [Enabled]
USB Legacy Mode Support [Auto]
Onboard LAN [Enabled]
Onboard LAN Boot ROM [Disabled]
Onboard 1394 [Enabled]
Set Supervisor Password [Disabled]
Set User Pasword Disabled
>I/O Device Configuration
>Onboard Audio
>Hardware Monitor

When I click on the Local Bus IDE Adapter, I get the options below:
And when I cick on Onboard SATA-1 Adapter get the following options:

any idea how i can get the samsung sata hdd detected???


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Why hasn't anybody posted any replies yet?! is it coz I put to much info in my first post?! plz help me out :)

have you tried to load default bios settings? try it out...
the samsung sata hdd have you used it before or not?
if it's a new one then you better return it..as far as i know samsung hdd is 3 years warranty...(but you better double check) lol.... ;)

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