Which one of these hard drives would you recommend:

Samsung SpinPointF1 1000GB, 7200rpm, 32MB cache, SATA-300 ($300 est.)

Western Digital Raptor 150GB, 10000rpm, 16MB cache, SATA-150 ($179 est.)

Online @ tomshardware.com, the majority of the benchmarks were ruling in favor of the samsung, but i don't get that!! how did the 7.2k disk beat the 10k disk on most of the benchmarks. Many people who review the raptor claim that it's a waste of cash, and the performance is not much compared to the samsung and related drives!! but, the raptor does beat the samsung in access time and vista start up time (which isn't showing on the benchmarks and other's reviews). Has the time come for the 7200rpm disks to out-speed the 10k raptors? Please recommend one and EXPLAIN WHY. thanks for those who can help.

the higher benchmarks for the samsung drive are likely due to the 32MB cache which is double that of the WD Raptor.. Seeing as how you will be getting 10 times the storage space and double the cache for only a little over $100 more I would go with the samsung.

Western Digital does produce some hardy drives, though. Compare the warranty period, if I am not mistaken the WD has a 5 year warranty, if the samsung drive is comparable in that area as well then I would go for it.

as far as the vista startup time, what are we talking here? seconds? i wouldn't even use this stat as a factor in my decision.

Good luck!


cache is the mst important


cache is the mst important

really!! i thouhgt it was rpm


same with cpus

if you get 2 cpus of the same model and speed, except one has 1mb cache, and the other has 2mb cache - the 2mb one will be significantly faster

thats why high-cache cpus are really expensive and only usually found in gaming pcs or servers