Hi i have an old Compaq Armada 1120 running win 95.

I know its old but its used just for word processing.
>I tried to install a larger hard drive but i got theis error:

304 Keyboard or system unit error.

I put the old hdd in but it was the same.

If i boot with floppy i can use keyboard in dos. Although it is slow.

If i remove hdd i only get the keyboard error.

I get two short beeps as well.

It seems to me that there is no power to the drive.

Sometime it also comes up with:
No system disk or disk error replace disk and strike any key.

There is NO floppy in when this happens



you probably pulled loose/broke the ribbon cable

you probably pulled loose/broke the ribbon cable

What ribbon cable the one to the floopys fine and there isn't one to the hdd


thanks anyway :)

Theres one from the motherboard to the keyboard usually

ok i'll have a look

Do you think it could be the cmos battery as it is definatly dead.


Try replacing the cmos bats, If that doesn't work you might have disconected the PATA conectors for the HDD which would be bad because i think on alot of older laptops they are soldered directly to the board.

To be honest you probably spent more on the new HDD than the laptop is worth.

Nah i was given the drive so it doesn't matter

I will try the battery though