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I wonder why many business machines such as servers and process computer (I work in one power plant) use SCSI disks? I noticed that practically all computers that do a lot of processing use SCSI disks. These computers are rather old (4 years and older). Maybe today, situation is changed, maybe SATA disks replaced SCSI disks. Do you knoe more about this?
Is it possible to buy today's hard disk (SCSI) that will work on older Pentimu III motherboard? Is there any way I could know it in advance before actual buying it?


SCSI is used in server for a couple of reasons
they use less CPU power and you can use up to 16 on one card. hence the mass storage you get with a server. Not saying that SCSI is by far faster than SATA because in some test sata will out perform a SCSI disk. but in a sata server you would not find as many drive. However the capacity in term of space could be the same.

And yes Older Server will definitely have SCSI and Newer ones still do for the reason listed above. SATA server ARE and MOST like to be configured in any raid array depending on the amount of disk that are installed.

As for using SCSI on a PIII it is possible, you would have to get a SCSI card to install on the board, ( and this is what you would need to figure out) can you board hold the card)

Thank you for your reply,
I have PIII board with SCSI disk. I want to buy backup disk. SCSI controller and all other hardware is there. I don't have here configuration to post, but I can do it tomorrow. Since this board is relatively old, I don't know if it is possible to use newer SCSI disks on older boards...

i baught a compaq proliant server with SCSI and dual pentium 3s for under $400

SCSI is more reliable than SATA. and SCSI is being replaced by SAS now, not by SATA.