I have a trojan(s) in my machine, antispyware differ on which one it is, but I can tell after running SpyBot, AdAware and Avast constantly for two years on my machine that something was up with a pseudo webpage popping up every 2 secs saying my machine has been affected and would I (would was missspelled as "WHOULD") like to be directed to a site to download software to get rid of it? I can't get rid of it and not after 2 days of trying to get rid of it my machine wasn't working AT ALL. One of the trojans is supposedly Picrate.M so the advice was to load into Safe Mode and then run the antispyware software. Well, the thing won't let me enter safe mode. After following one of the threads here with a similar problem, the advice was to go to MSCONFIG, Boot.ini tab and select SAFE MODE. So I did. Now it boots to the F8 page, and no matter what you select, reboots back to that page in a constant loop, no exiting. What can I do at this point? Yes, I am running XP, home edition. I recently reformatted my computer due to needing to reallocate programs amongst the hard drive partitions (VAIO allows me only 30 G to allot to C: leaving the remaining 50 to D:), C: was running out of space. Anyhow, all antispyware was updated and antivirus as well, the only thing I can think of was that Windows was shy on all of its updates or patches and let something in through some open port???
Anyway, HELP??

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when you install a fresh XP OS, i think it will give you an option to delete (remove) partition on you hard drive and after that you can start a new partition again that will give you a chance to allocate space ....

I thought I had written this but apparently my fingers went faster than my brain... not only can I not get out of the F8 page cycle, but I can not use my reformat disks. I have never had trouble reformatting with this computer, pretty easy process. BUT now, it loads the initialization process then says it can't because of "ERROR 5." So when you say to load the fresh OS, I know usually it gives you the option to partition (it restricts you to a max size of 30G to the C: drive, really dumb, but that is SONY deciding for you.) but I can't even get that far! Any other suggestions? S

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