I have an old model eMachine given to me. The problem is they didnt have the install disks that came with it. When I got it I tured it on and it would do nothing. I installed with great deal of problems windows 98 SE. I can now turn it on and it all boots up but the software doesnt have the software I need to use this machine very well. I need the software that comes with this type of Machine to make it work like it should. It a EMachine 7766ip. Can anyone out there with this type of emachine help me?

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Hello everyone. I still need help with this old emachine 766ip. I am having problems with these problems.
PCI Ether Controller
PCI Multimedia Audio Device
Pci Universal Serial bus
Standard PCI Graphics Adapter
And the compact CD-RW does not work.
Can anyone out there help me? Ive pulled out all of my hair trying to fix it. Ha Ha
They all have some kind of problem.

According to eMachines web site, you have an Intel i810 chipset. Install Intel i810 chipset and video drivers from following links first. Install in order listed.



After you have those drivers installed, use SIW to determine what sound chip, NIC, and modem you have.

Post back with SIW info. Look under Hardware then PCI devices.

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