My roommate bought an airport express before I had moved in. We now have 3 computers wireless off this router (Me and my two roommates). Recently my boss gave me his old G4 laptop and I am having a hard time connecting to the internet. My G4 shows full bars for the wireless signal, but am still unable to connect to the internet. Does anyone know how to get this computer to connect.

My G4 connects wirelessly at work.

1st things first check your wireless router configuration and you should know it thru one of your units with are connected,
2nd check your wireless configuration in your network preferences pane pls specify OS you are using so as we may know how to redirect you to the correct settings.


The express station might use MAC-adresses ( and MAC has nothing to do with McIntosh,
tranlates into Machine Adress Counter or of the sort, you find them on windows too.)
Therefore the router locks you out. In the system-profiler (About this MAC) under network, you find your wireless MAC-adress which you will have to tranfer to the express station.

best redage