My toshiba laptop has a black screen. It is on but nothing at all on the screen. It all started by trying to add a modem driver. The screen turned blue with a bad pool caller error and now nothing. I know it's probably not worth it to fix - but how can I get the info off the hard drive?

some questions questions:

1) Have you tried another screen?

but how can I get the info off the hard drive?

Definitely possible. :) You are going to have to connect your current hard drive to the slave partition on another hard drive. *waiting for somebody else to post directions on how to do this* ;)

Yes I have tried another screen , it's black too. I do have an external hard drive I could use - but don't know how to transfer it.

To slave laptop computer hard drive, go purchase a usb connecter for laptop hard drives. plug into another pc at usb connection and wait for OS to find new drive. you can then find them in explorer. evice works great and you can make $$$ helping people with similar problems.

Little Joe