ok i just saw i wsnt suppose to post questions here... im sorry

i hope this is ok to post this here but anyways i will try to explain my problem andi hope i can get help here . i changed out motherboards about a month ago. since then about a week after i changed it, my dell 20 inch sp2008wfp will go black and come back saying auto detecting signal , it happens at varied times, but i noticed it happens alot more wheni am using skype video call, this monitor has a built in webcam . when it does go black the power button stays the same . sometimes when it comes back from flashing black my computer freezes. twice it has went to blue screen :S saying windows needs to shutdown. and sometimes it just goes to power saving mode. so i have no idea what to do or where to start in fixing this problem . i posted at the dell forum , but i didnt get any help there. any help is greatly appreciated

ok i will put more info on here to see if that will maybe get me some replys on this issue. i have ran a memtest and tested to 100% with no errors i have reinstalled the video card drivers , since i have did that it didnt fix the problem but it is not doing it as much. before i reinstalled the drivers i did go to BSOD yesterday and it said it was because of nv4_disp

OS-windows xp home
Geforce 6200
20inch sp2008wfp dell lcd
Asrock 4coredual mobo