I bought this PC from Ibuypower around Nov/Dec, and it's worked flawlessly till today. I was online typing an email, and all of a sudden my PC just shuts off. The power was still on to the house ;) so I tried to start it up, but the monitor read no signal and the PC would not post. Normally the system will turn on and the fans will spin up at 100% for a second or two, then it will quite down and the monitor will come on displaying the post screen. Now the fans run at 100% for however long I leave it. Nothing has been changed, swaped, or installed/uninstalled for at least 3 months...

Setup: completely stock (ie. no OC'ing)
Asus P5N32-E SLI
Intel Q6600
Corsair XMS 2gb
Geforce 8800GT
NZXT 600 watt PSU

I've taken the computer out and opened it up, I checked everything and it looks ok, no odd smells, nothing burned (that I could see). I removed most of the devices, or unpluged as much as I could. But it just won't work. The monitors are good, the cables are good. I'm figuring it's either the CPU, the PSU, or the MB. Lucky for me I have a PSU and CPU from another computer, but I'm using that computer right now for research and to ask you guys for help. So it's a moot point.

Happened to me last time, it was the motherboard that was fried. Its hard to tell how that happened even in your case as well. Its not very obvious either by looking at it so i d say try the cpu, hdd etc in ur second pc and see if it works with them similarily try other cpu, hdd on this one and you ll be able to tell what is at fault.

Other more expensive way to find out would be to take it to the repair shops, but by the sounds of it seems to be the mobo.


sounds like a Mother board dying. or a power supply. when ever you see power on the pc yet the monitor read no signal this mostly points to a deficient power supply as well as a mother board dying.

to test remove all extra part, Video card, and external cards, additional hard drive ( like slave drive, if the board have a onboard video use that and remove the pci video card. this will give you an indication if the power is sufficient. if you still get the same problem then its the board.

Thank you all for your help!!! It ended up being the PSU. I swapped in an Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU and it's running fine just fine! I usually let my PC run 24/7 so I imagine I put my PSU through some hard times. Thanks again!!!

well that means my PSU is definitely on the death sentence as it is on all the darn time..but good to hear that your issue was not that serious after all.