Is it possible to upgrade my Vaio to 1 gig of ram, even if Sony says it can only handle 512?
Its 4+ years old, and perhaps when it was built they probably didn't have higher capacity chips out.
It has 2 slots, and from this site it looks like i could get 2 512 boards, and they list it as 1gig max.

but at crucial, they say only 512-

a mate suggested trying 1 gig and updating the bios, if I can find one....

what do you guys think?

you installed vista!!!??!!

vista is slow, even on 1gb

dont install vista

its prettymuch unusable on 1gb (think xp on 256mb)

who said i installed vista?!

jeez, read man, im just asking can i upgrade to 1g instead of just 512?!


oh you said VAIO, i thaught you said vista, sorry im kinda dyslexic :P

hehe no worries.... now can i do the upgrade?! :D

he he no worries.... now can i do the upgrade?! :D

not likely ,but who am i to say for sure ,its been my experience that when a computer say it has a ram max it usually means it .
from your link above is this the excat model of your Viao. PCG-GRX516MD

yep, PCG-GRX516MD

the stats here show its only ram upgradeable to 512meg .

then this site shows up to 1 gig ,so i think you could buy 2x512 and give it a try .

get them here for only 23$ each plus shipping .ii buy from this site here in canada .mostly used but work great .